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At Althas Home Loans and Commercial Lenders Retail Center, No, we are not superheroes, but yes, we have " More Loan Options than Your Traditional Bank". We are like you! We are hard working individuals that are willing and ready to help you achieve your real estate dreams - The American Dream. Our team members have been in the Mortgage, Real Estate and Construction industry for many years and to our clients that means years of experience behind every one of our clients transaction. We will handle your residential mortgage or commercial financing loan process from A to Z.

Throughout the years, we have been working not only to help our clients to achieve their residential or commercial real estate financing needs but also making sure they get the best loan possible, the one loan that fits their specific needs, the loan that will help them accomplished their dreams. Our repetitive business, referrals by our business partners and clients are the best compliments we can receive because it shows we did something great!

At Althas Home Loans & Commercial Lenders Retail Center, some of us are home owners, commercial property owners and we have been real estate investors as well, we went through the process and we understand it from our clients perspective, we know about the challenges, the anxiety that our clients may experience but most importantly we understand the feeling after the results.

Our team members are always encouraged to purchase a real estate property as we believe that "owning your address makes you feel better"    

We believe in what we call "The Althas Lifestyle". The lifestyle that only real estate owners can achieve. By being a proud home owner, being a proud and successful real estate investor or landlord you are living the Althas Lifestyle! Want to join?

Call us today and let us help you achieve the Althas Lifestyle!


Quien Somos?


No, no somos super heroes, y si, ofrecemos mas programas de financiamiento que su banco tradicional. En Althas - Empresa de Creditos Hipotecarios y Financiamiento de Propiedades Comerciales, somos como usted, somos individuos listo y dispuestos a ayudarlo a alcanzar los sueños de ser propietario. Nuestro equipo de trabajo lleva mucho tiempo en la industria de creditos hipotecarios para la vivienda, en bienes raices y construccion, nosotros manejamos el proceso de la A a la Z. Atravez de los años no solo hemos ayudado a nuestros clientes con el financiamiento, tambien nos aseguramos que recoban el mejor programa, intereses bajos y programas que vayan de acuerdo a su necesidad. El reconocimiento de nuestros clientes y profesionales en la industria lo recibimos cuando nos refieren nuevos clientes. 


En Althas creemos que todos deben vivir el Estilo de Vida Althas, que solo lo pueden sentir los dueños de propiedades inmobiliarias. 


Llamenos hoy y permitanos ayudarlo ha alcanzar sus sueños.


Althas Co, Home Loans and Commercial Lenders Retail Center is a Licensed Florida Mortgage Brokerage Company NMLS#1310848 serving all Florida Counties with Residential Loans and Florida and several other States with Commercial Lending. We offer more loan options than traditional lenders such as: FHA Loans, Conventional Loans, USDA & VA Loans, Jumbo Loans, Stated - No Income Loans, First Time Home Buyer Loans, Down Payment Assistance Loans, HomePossible & HomeReady loans, One day out of BK loans, Bad Credit Home Loans, Commercial Loans, construction and Fix & Flip loans, Multifamily Financing, Real Estate Investor Financing, Landlord financing, AirBnB & VRBO Financing, Church Financing and many other out of the box loans. Somos una empresa de creditos hipotecarios licenciada en el estado de Florida para financiamiento residencial y Florida y otros estados para financiamiento comercial. Ofrecemos mas programas de financiamiento que un banco tradicional entre otros financiamiento para primeros compradores, financiamiento para extranjeros, financiamiento par propiedades comerciales y residenciales con buen o mal credito, despues de una bancarrota, prestamos para construccion y pequeños empresarios, financiamiento con ITIN y mucho mas.


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